• The Hotel, Reimagined

    Within the urban-tropical context of Pererenan, on the cusp of Bali’s southwest coast, Further’s four sites form a singular concept, each pairing intimate guest suites with common spaces open to local sights, sounds, and rhythms. In the transitions between experiences, opportunities catalyse for encounters, exchange and togetherness.

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Both a journey and a destination, Further is a gathering of people, desires and spaces scattered along a gentle road to the sea. In their evolution, bonds are forged, ideas take flight, and the foreign becomes familiar.

The Hotel, Reimagined

Diverging from the conventional hospitality typology, Further takes the form of a diffused hotel, reimagining a long-lost concept that disperses the elements of a guest experience – rarefied spaces for sleep, rejuvenation, and celebration – throughout a village, respectfully weaving into the fabric of its community.

Centred in lively Pererenan, the ascendant darling of Bali that’s brimming with the places to be, Further’s four sites form a singular concept, each pairing intimate guest suites with common spaces attune to vibrant local sights, sounds, and rhythms. In the transitions between experiences, opportunities catalyse for encounters, exchange and togetherness.




Curated Shelter

Architecture | MORQ
Interior | Studio Wenden
Realisation | Gonzo

As the nucleus of Further, our rooms and suites take subtle cues from the layered approach of traditional Balinese architecture, inviting guests to cross the threshold into an interior world that’s both private and present to the elements. Suites are composed as the inverse of a typical room. A semi-open bathing area is situated between a permeable screen from the sleeping area, the heart of the space. Natural light, gentle breezes and tropical greenery filter into quiet interiors styled by Studio Wenden, whose considered design vernacular applies a restrained luxury that foregrounds provenance.



“I paid, got up, walked to the door, opened it. I heard the man say, “that guy’s nuts.” out on the street I walked north feeling curiously honoured.” — Charles Bukowski


Sense of Place

Architecture | MORQ
Interior | Studio Wenden
Curation | Gonzo

“Through its layout and footprint, Further relates to the multi-layered street activities of the village, which evolve and change on a seasonal basis. On the other hand, through their manifestation and architecture, the Further buildings speak to the spiritual fabric of the place, by engaging with the presence, materiality and regular geometry of the small temples that are found in the area. Such a relationship is supported by the character of muted monumentality that the hotel displays, generating a timeless and lasting quality.” – MORQ



Bar Vera

On Provenance

Bistro | BHG
Open 7 days from 4pm

“Bar Vera is where guests, locals and expats congregate; where the dispersed come back together. Early on, we looked back on the nostalgic elements of service that are synonymous with the hotel restaurant. We started to unlock this idea of taking behaviour from those spaces: their vocabulary, their commonalities, and how they make you feel.” – Amy Wenden, Studio Wenden



“Only those
who risk going too far
can possibly find out
how far one can go.”
― T.S. Eliot

Thomas + Smile.

Surfboards, Clothing & Giving

Concept | SM
Boards | TB
Open 7 days from 9am

“If done right, it should feel like a gallery space with quality surfboards and clothing. We get this beautiful canvas to work from and tell our story in a legible way. Within Further, there’s a duality of separation and togetherness. As far as the optics, smell, energy, space – we want the store to feel the same, and we’ll stamp little highlights in there which will make it feel like Thomas & Smile. Then there’s the fact that we can add a direct giving modality into what Further is doing.” – Smile

Oaken Lab

Bespoke body care in every guest room

“Inspired by the road less travelled, our scents tell stories of our inspirations and experiences; meticulously crafted in-house from essential oils and fragrance compounds in small batches using high quality natural ingredients in our laboratory in Jakarta.” – Oaken Lab

Artists in Residence

Another Way of Seeing

Gallery | Studio Wenden
Curation | Gonzo

“To me, Further is simple, bare. Things are taken out as opposed to added on. Architecturally, it’s about the materials, the purity of experience – concrete and refined. I’d consider my approach to be bare in the sense that it deals with life and bodies and emotions in an unfiltered way. I started to take photos on film as a way to preserve things that would otherwise fade. I think of my art as a way to celebrate and purify elements of life. Maybe that has something in common with what Further is trying to do.” – Beniamino Barrese, Filmmaker and Photographer


Featured Artists:

Andrea Mete
Ben Osborne
Beniamino Barrese
Meg Gallagher
Natalie Karpushenko
Alina Vlasova
Jonny Watzlawick
Cara Stricker
Gabriel Novis
Gerard González Mansilla
Hunter Vercoe
Imanuel Togar
Soren Molineux
and more